Smartphone Use in Des Moines

Posted by Stephanie Grangaard on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 10:52 AM  |  More From This Author »

In 2011, Flynn Wright’s MarketWatch omnibus asked a few questions to help us learn more about the digital landscape of Des Moines metro residents. In August, we asked a set of questions which helped us determine the percentage of Des Moines metro residents who consider themselves regular Facebook or Twitter users (see blog post). In December, we asked a second set of questions which helped us determine smartphone ownership and use in households that were not cell-only. Then, we asked those who owned and used smartphones if they had downloaded an application in the past six months. Here is what we found.

Do you personally own and use a smartphone?
Smartphone ownership in Des Moines

In the past six months have you downloaded an application, or app, to use on your smartphone?
application or app downloads among Des Moines smartphone owners
Approximately 20 percent of households, who are not cell-only, own and use a smartphone. This finding was strongest among the 35 to 54 age group and it was also stronger among males than females. According to a study published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project in July of 2011, 83 percent of U.S. adults own some type of cell phone and 35 percent of all adults own smartphones. Des Moines metro residents are not far behind the national numbers when it comes to smartphone adoption and usage.

Leveraging Smartphone Usage
Twenty percent of the Des Moines metro population is walking around with smartphones. They are checking email, surfing the Internet, playing games and searching for directions. Here are some easy ways for businesses to stay on top of the smartphone trend:

  • Use Google Analytics to monitor the percentage of mobile visitors on your website and see what they're accessing
  • Utilize Google AdWords click-to-call feature and make it more convenient for smartphone users to call your business
  • Test how your website displays on different cell phone platforms, especially if Google Analytics shows a high volume of mobile visits from that cell phone operating system
  • Connect your business with local customers and keep your places page updated

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