MidAmerican Energy Save Some Green Campaign
Client: MidAmerican Energy
Date: 8/15/2008
Category: Campaigns

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The Challenge

MidAmerican Energy wished to position itself as a major resource and a customer advocate concerning energy efficiency issues. Over the course of this effort, MidAmerican's emphasis has shifted from general awareness to education and advocacy to stronger brand integration.

The Strategy

To meet the original objective, the theme, "Save some green" was created by Flynn Wright as the center of a multimedia campaign. In 2006 we expanded in this message by introducing "Mr. Green," a friendly, real-life embodiment of MidAmerican's energy efficiency goals and principals, to humanize and breathe personality into the subject.  The current campaign, introduced in late 2008, uses inclusive language and a straightforward approach with the Mr. Green character giving examples of energy efficiency opportunities and impacts.

The Result

Over the years of the campaign, research has indicated an increase in key elements demonstrating that larger corporate energy efficiency marketing and communications programs are engaging customers, aiding in customer satisfaction ratings and building MidAmerican's corporate reputation.