Mediacom Warp Speed Billboard
Client: Mediacom
Date: 7/20/2009
Category: Print / Out-of-Home

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Drive through any of Mediacom's major markets and you can't miss their new 3-D rotary outdoor board. It captures the magnitude of the company's new benchmarks for Internet speed: 15 Mbps for VIP customers and 12 Mbps for other subscribers.

The board, conceived and designed by Flynn Wright, features a 16 foot, 3-D fiberglass mouse shooting off the top of the board, with flames running down the length of the poles to create the illusion of the mouse blasting off at "warp speed."  The postings have generated local news stories and considerable buzz, adding to Mediacom's reputation as the high-tech leader. The boards are currently on display in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as well as Moline, Illinois and Springfield, Missouri.

2009 Gold Addy® Award Winner