MidAmerican Energy Company: Personalizing the Customer Relationship

When faced with a changing utility category and consumer perceptions, it’s important for MidAmerican Energy Company to stay at the forefront of it all — anticipating the needs of customers and staying relevant.

Getting Ahead

In 2011, MidAmerican Energy launched a company-wide marketing initiative centered on the theme: “The Power Is in Your Hands.” But given current market realities, we saw a real opportunity to give a renewed focus to empowering customers through feature/benefit and financial-impact messaging.

MidAmerican Energy Company
The Power of Energy Efficiency

Positive Engagement

We created an entire campaign that provides customers with trustworthy information and opportunities to save money. Simple and straightforward, the new energy efficiency creative gives personality through testimonial-type TV and radio commercials as well as strategic, action-based print headlines and quick, easy-to-understand copy.


Measure of Success

Initial research with customers shows that the new campaign is more impactful and has stronger likeability as well as cognitive, emotional and behavior performance when compared with previous work. It’s that kind of research that provides a strong indicator of success as well as the importance of change in order to remain relevant.

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