Josephs: The Making of a Love Story

While there will always be love and the role jewelry plays in it, keeping the Josephs brand front and center is a never-ending objective.

Josephs Gold Box


Josephs continues to do very well with the more mature demographics (40+). But through our own research, we recognized a lower association with the 20-something audience. As a result, we created a carefully balanced and segmented messaging strategy — one that supports and reinforces the importance of our existing customers while informing and inspiring a newer, younger audience.

Josephs Gold Box
Dan + Erin

Love is a gift.
Give it in a gold box.

Discovering the Story

When it came time to craft our concept for the next evolution of the Josephs advertising, we recognized the need to continue reinforcing style, but also wanted the message to become much more personal. We presented a unique idea to our client... but knew we’d have to be as innovative with the execution as the idea itself. Through some extra effort and careful investigation on our part, we found several solutions that allowed us to beautifully highlight the unscripted, honest love between actual area couples. To round out our concept, we added commercials that capture two significant differentiators for our client: the in-store experience and the next generation of Josephs ownership.

The end product is personal, persuasive and highly effective — We’d say, without question, the campaign is a success.