Cultivation Corridor: The Science That Feeds the World

Positioning central Iowa as a nationally-recognized center for innovation necessitated a level of understanding that transcended advertising to require the agency’s full immersion into the complex world of advanced agriculture and biosciences.

The Scence That Feeds the World


We compiled scores of data and performed countless hours of original research, and spoke with more than 200 experts including researchers, educators, government officials and business owners, to learn why and how the nation’s top agricultural producing region could become the next world-class destination for advanced industries.

Cultivation Corridor

Connection is Key

Creating lasting connections between Iowa’s major players meant unifying numerous competing agencies and businesses under a concept that would have profound implications for the state’s continued standing as the dominant exporter of food, biorenewables, biotechnologies and advanced manufactured goods and technologies.

Tom Vilsack & Dr. Steve Zumbach

Continued Growth

By aligning common objectives with a platform that extolled the region’s many benefits, we gave the Cultivation Corridor a unique identity and a voice with which the organization’s goals could easily be communicated to prospects vital to the region’s growth. Within Iowa and across the nation, the Cultivation Corridor has leveraged its strong presence to set a standard for agricultural innovation, recording more than $1.67 billion in new economic activity in its first six months of operation.

Cultivation Corridor