Redekers: Worth the Trip

Trying to break through the clutter in the competitive furniture market requires a strong, branded voice.

Redekers, a family-owned business located in a small town outside of Des Moines, had the reputation for carrying only Amish wood furniture. Our objective was to create significant differentiators, including changing perceptions of the brand to a wider audience in order to increase sales.

Living Room Furniture

Our Strategy

Our strategy was a holistic approach that included an efficient and economic marketing model which could be successfully applied to TV, print and the company website. Many didn’t know that Redekers is a very large store, filled with high-quality and highly customizable inventory for every room in the house.


Capturing a Brand

By setting up a mobile photo booth inside the store, the client is able to immediately shoot the continuously changing inventory of stylish, solid, American-made furniture. This library of images allows the client to update the newly formatted website on a daily basis, keeping inventory fresh for the online audience and displaying the latest merchandise. Our in-house editing team is then able to update the modifiable television creative on an aggressive monthly schedule.


In a time when the furniture industry as a whole was struggling, we proved — with a boost in sales and top-of-mind awareness — that quality, style and value are always worth the trip.

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