Abbie Voorhies

Junior Graphic Designer

Even though art wasn’t always my first choice, I finally found my niche. After five different college majors, I finished full circle with graphic design. Originally from Nebraska and a recent college grad from Missouri, I’ve found my new home in Iowa. Des Moines has been a refreshing change of direction (literally). The combination of a new, exciting city and doing what I love has made my soul happy.

Along with a new city, I have a fur baby named Ollie. We are learning as we go. I’m endlessly curious, passionate and almost always laughing. My sister is my best friend, I love learning new things, sunshine, playing fetch with my pup and watching Grey’s Anatomy. My love for fries was amplified after my first visit to Americana next door, which makes lunch time at Flynn Wright pretty great.

Did You Know

I am pretty good at Donkey Kong Country.