Ali Holtz

Digital Media Buyer

Ever since I can remember I have loved to create things. All things, any things, everything. I loved to play restaurant with drawn paper food, and I always went above and beyond on ANY school project. (I took great pride in my teachers asking if they could have it to use as an example.) Throughout college at UNI, I explored many avenues of the creative career options with logistical aspects, but it was difficult to choose just one. So I chose several!

Graduating with two degrees in media and two marketing minors, I knew media and marketing were where I wanted to be. Fast forward a few years, and I have found the perfect marriage of creativity and analytics in digital media. I love the role I play in media, using my creativity and analytical thinking to solve problems, develop new solutions and reinvent a washed-up idea.

Did You Know

I am the oldest of seven kids, and all our names start with “A”.