Benji McElroy


Bios are something of a problem for someone named Benji because, no matter what, the final product sounds like someone describing their dog in a fanatical post on Facebook. So, please forgive me for going out of my way to state that I’m a man in the next sentence.


I’m a man of extremes. But no, not the cool kind. I don’t skateboard on school property and I don’t have face tats. (Yet.) I just happen to enjoy the opposite poles of pop culture. Pretentious nonsense or low-brow garbage – nothing in between. Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the little creatures over one of my shoulders. Lisa Vanderpump is the other little creature over my other shoulder. And please, let’s argue about the best Playboi Carti leak.

Did You Know

My life’s dream is to bring my collection of Dragon Ball Z action figures on Antiques Roadshow.