Brittany Steinkamp

Traffic Coordinator

Growing up on a farm in small-town Iowa in no way prepared me for life in the “city,” but it has everything to do with who I am. Surrounding myself with art from a young age had me destined to work for a creative company and although I took the scenic route, I finally landed where I’m supposed to be.

My husband and I met at ISU and we’re now permanent fixtures at home games in the Jack Trice end zone. We’re obsessed with spoiling our puppy, Cooper, and I love making him pose for selfies with me.  We tend to be homebodies, but we’re always planning the next adventure and packing our bags. I constantly dream about escaping to the mountains and I look forward to the season changing to winter. Few things make me happier than playing in falling snow, but I’ll always appreciate the lake and some sunshine.

Did You Know

I learned how to drive when I was five.