Chelsey Christensen

Account Executive

I grew up on a small-town Iowa farm, a vast difference from the few years I spent in Minneapolis before coming back and planting my roots in Des Moines. As a child, I used to sneakily gather belongings throughout our house (mom’s books, siblings’ clothes, etc.) and set up shop as “Chelsey’s Store” where family members could buy back their items for a small fee. My thieving days are long over, but my entrepreneurial spirit remains! I love helping businesses reach their goals.

You can usually find me excessively making to-do lists, getting way too competitive playing board games with friends, and decorating our cozy house. If you’re also obsessed with Celine Dion, Christmas and snuggling babies, we should probably go ahead and be best friends.

Did You Know

I once sat front row at The Price Is Right. I wasn’t called to “come on down” (bummer), but there is a GIF of me from the show that was trending for a few days! It’s become a favorite among my friends’ group chats.