Juan Alvarado

Junior Graphic Designer

Do you remember the kid in class who’s journal was 25% notes and 75% doodles? That was me. Just a curious, short-attention-span kid turned graphic designer. Growing up I had journals and sketchbooks full of drawings, poorly shot photos from a very cheap camera and a ridiculous amount of pens and markers. I mean, it was pretty clear to everyone I was going to be a designer … except me. I had in my mind out of high school that I was going to go into cooking until I realized that I suck at cooking. So way back in 2013 I jumped into the graphic design course and haven’t looked back. It’s a passion of mine that’s brought me many great people and experiences. Now if only I took time to learn to cook.

Did You Know

I once moved states with no connections, no job and no place to live. (Not the smartest, but interesting experience.)