Julian Neely

Project Coordinator

I live by the motto that life is full of lessons, but it is up to you to receive and learn from them. I believe every experience that we endure has a little prized lesson for us to learn from. I am a Des Moines native, who tried to escape, but it is hard to escape a place where your heart belongs. Media has always been attached to my life in a plethora of ways. Who knew a dedicated civil rights advocate who studied journalism would wind up in marketing? My journey in life has been unique to say the least, but I always knew I would be connected to media in more ways than one. I have learned through life that many things are interconnected and it will surprise us how some lessons will be beneficial in our new chapter.

Did You Know

My parents named me after a civil rights activist named Julian Bond. I strongly believe my morals and values are a product of his influence.