Katie Brown

Media Accounting Clerk

I’m a Des Moines implant, by way of Hershey, Pennsylvania, who doesn’t understand why everyone hates the southside of Des Moines. Jason and I raise five kids (Ahleena, Tyler, Maddox, Uriah and Scarlett), as well as two dogs and two cats, who all keep us exceptionally busy. In my spare time I enjoy being crafty, and making something that someone else will adore. I mostly agreed to interview at Flynn Wright because I knew I would be surrounded by creative people. Growing up, I was one of those nerdy kids who used to make math homework for their fake class. I guess it only makes sense that I chose a career in accounting.

Did You Know

I’ve watched The Office (US) TV show too many times to count, and compare everyday occurrences to the show more times then I’d like to admit.