Koree Deering

Project Coordinator

I grew up about 20 minutes west of Des Moines, so I got to live the best of both worlds; living on a 10-acre horse farm while still being a quick jump to downtown to live the ‘city life.’ I went to the University of Northern Iowa to study Digital Media and Public Relations, but I think my extensive knowledge of high fashion would’ve made me a good fit at the Fashion Institute of Technology in another life (seriously, I can tell you anything about Alexander McQueen or Maison Margiela).

I’m always up for an adventure whether it be cliff jumping or skydiving, but speaking from personal experience, it’s always best to land correctly if you’re going to jump out of a plane. I’m still trying out every skincare product on the planet to get rid of some brutal skydiving scars on my legs.

Some of my favorite bands are The Velvet Underground and Fleetwood Mac but I swear I like music from my generation too.

I read books religiously. I feel like my day isn’t finished until I’ve read a classic like The Picture of Dorian Gray or a memoir of a famous artist or musician. Last summer I read 16 books in 14 weeks, and I don’t know if I’ll ever beat that record.

You can always find me with my kitten Alice chasing my heels (yes she is named after the vampire from Twilight) or my dog Tucker waddling beside me (he’s the same breed as Toto from the Wizard of Oz but slightly…chubbier). I love them both as much as I love my family and my boyfriend, maybe even more.

Did You Know

I met Johnny Depp and Shakira at a horse show when I was younger.