Lydia Saggau

Development Manager

I am the youngest of four and the daughter to two very social, high-energy individuals. As a kid, my time was spent playing, talking and competing against my siblings. My parents instigated competition among us and, inevitably, participated. As I got older, I channeled my competitive spirit into athletics. I found a knack for running that I chased through high school to the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk), where I was a member, and eventually captain, of the track and cross country team. My experience on the team aided in developing leadership and communication skills. The intensity and pressure under which we lived cultivated my work ethic and team spirit, and made me totally Type A. While at KU, I studied strategic communications and developed a passion for strategy. My degree focused on marketing and public relations, and fostered an appreciation for creative, collaborative projects.

After graduating, I moved back to Des Moines and pursued a career in sales. I spent the last year selling traditional and non-traditional advertising solutions at a local media outlet. The industry knowledge and experience I gained is a critical reason why I am at Flynn Wright today. It’s safe to say I have found a position and place that allow me to channel all of my favorite things while continuing to push the envelope.

Did You Know

I sang “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” at my fifth-grade talent show.