Madison Doren

New Business Development Coordinator

Since I can remember, I have been observant and adventurous. I grew up surrounded by acres of woods where my siblings and I spent most of our time. If I wasn’t reading or writing, I was playing outside, building forts and studying the natural world around me. While the natural world fascinates me, I am a people person and have always loved getting to know people and building relationships. This love of relationship building, combined with my adventurous spirit, has inspired my many travels, where I have discovered new cultures, companions and cuisine along the way. These experiences have helped me develop my skills in creative and strategic thinking by exposing me to a multitude of unique and beautiful perspectives.

I am lucky to have my best friend and favorite travel companion, Duncan, as my fiancé. He has supported me and encouraged me since the day we met. When we are not traveling together you can find us at one of the amazing restaurants in the Des Moines area or enjoying a quiet night at home while we discuss the news of the day and share a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. We both were very excited about my opportunity at Flynn Wright, knowing that I would be able to expand on my skills and work with an incredible team of talented individuals.

Did You Know

My new favorite animal is the Nigerian Dwarf goat, inspired by the newest additions to my parents’ hobby farm: Blossom, Bluebell, Daffodil, Daisy, and D’Artagnan.