Megan Myers

Project Coordinator

I grew up watching Desperate Housewives, and to this day I’m still obsessed. My favorite character was always Lynette. Not only did she keep her large, chaotic family afloat, she was also the most career and success driven woman out of all of them, and even better, she worked at an advertising agency. Immediately, eight-year-old me became transfixed with the fast, crazy agency world she surrounded herself in. I grew up wanting to be just like Lynette. Turns out one day I ended up working in an advertising agency myself – the best one of them all!

I’m a big believer that you get out exactly what you put in. I think almost anything can be solved with a Wild! Berry Pop-Tart or a great happy hour. My favorite place to be is on a boat, my favorite sport is soccer, and my favorite hobby is laughing at myself. I am a proud godmother, and even though I’m an only child, I’m a lucky girl who gets to call my parents my best friends, my cousin the sister I never had, and my friends the reason I’m having too much fun living the life I am.

Did You Know

I’m a native Iowan but spent the majority of my childhood living in Oregon. I can appreciate Portland’s city skyline just as much as a starry Iowa night.