Neha Sandvig

Strategic Planner

I left my heart in San Francisco and my skis in Denver to return to Des Moines, my hometown. I was born here and raised by two Indian parents who taught me about hard work, the importance of education and showing people you love them by over-stuffing them with good food. These lessons come with me everywhere, and guided me into working at multiple nonprofit education institutions before arriving at Flynn Wright. My daughter is my greatest joy, and my husband and I are each other’s number one fans. I love the Iowa State Cyclones so much that I named my adopted cat Hilton Magic. I enjoy listening to true crime stories, sitting on patios, cooking, traveling, karaoke, playing the ukulele and attempting hand lettering. I cherish making short videos for my friends and family so we can recall fun times together. My superpower is my hearing and finding a place to sit in a busy establishment. A dream of mine is to someday go viral for something awesome.

Did You Know

My husband rode a horse on our wedding day to the same place that Ozzy Osborne bit off the head of a bat (Vets Auditorium).