Aaronica Healy

Financial Analyst/Accountant

My career has taken me in many different directions from nursing to property management, to corn and vegetable production, to industrial manufacturing, but I truly believe I have found everything I have been searching for with Flynn Wright. I have a passion for data and finding efficiencies that strengthen teams and businesses. I am fiercely loyal to my teams and always try to have everyone’s best interests at the forefront of everything I do.

Outside of my career, my husband of 16 years and I, own and operate a small farm southwest of the metro where we raise our two children, dogs, and plethora of assorted farm animals. I have a large garden where I spend most of my time on summer evenings tending to my hot pepper collection, tomatoes, and all manner of produce.

Did You Know

I make my own hot sauces. From a simple Chile de Arbol sauce to fermented flavors you won’t find in the store. I’m always open to new ideas and would love to hear yours!