Nicole Page

Accounts Payable Specialist

I grew up on my family farm about 30 minutes south of Des Moines. Although, I’m not sure why we call it “The Farm” unless we are farming grass… In all fairness, the last generation did have some farm animals so I guess “The Farm” just stuck.  I was a young entrepreneur, starting my first business at about 7 years old. I would take beverages out of the fridge in the garage and move them into the fridge in my tree house. When my parents, family, and friends couldn’t find anything to drink they always knew where to find me. I’d be out in the tree house selling the beverages out of the window, $0.50 each. I have always been a self-starter and enjoyed finding things to do to fill my free time.  I went to college at Southwestern Community College in Creston, IA where I graduated with my Associates of Applied Science degree in Business Administration. During my college years I found that I had a love of numbers. I was definitely in the minority with statistics and accounting being my favorite classes. Inevitably this led me to work at a financial institution and ultimately, I ended up in my accounting role here at Flynn Wright.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, Devon, finding projects for us to complete around our home, spending time in our cabin in the backyard, hanging out with our 2 dogs, Havoc (German Shepherd mix) and Walter (Chocolate Lab), visiting both of our families around central and southern Iowa, and travelling.

Did You Know

I have visited every contiguous state west of the Mississippi River and am working on visiting more of the northeastern United States in hopes of crossing all 48 contiguous states off my list.