Sue Whitfield

Sr. Billing Analyst

I am a mother to 3 boys – Casey, Connor, and Dylan.  And have 2 lovely daughters my boys have brought into my life.  They are all grown and out on their own.  I am patiently waiting for one or some of them to give me grand babies I can spoil rotten and send home. Raising them to be truly good humans is my greatest accomplishment.

I am also a dog mom to a chocolate lab, Joy.  She is the sweetest girl and lives up to her name – truly a happy soul!  Her favorite thing to do is to go on “Joy rides” with me in the car, take walks, take a dip in the neighbor’s pool, and when her boys take her, hunting birds (pheasants and quail).

I am a “fixer”, love solving problems and puzzles, and also understanding the why and how behind how things work.  As I have got older, I am letting go of always trying to fix things – there are many things in life that I cannot fix and are not mine to fix.  Gaining this knowledge has brought me a lot of peace!  With a curious mind, I am learning new things all the time, and am not afraid to ask questions.

My partner and I are going to start traveling – discovering trails and off-roading with his side-by-side UTV he’s having rebuilt.  I can’t wait to start our adventures!

I also love hot air balloons, and anything to do with water – swimming, boating, a sandy beach with a body of water in front of me.

Did You Know

I have a vast collection of socks and in February, March, October and December, I wear socks for the holiday in those months every day.