The Storyboard

A crucial step in building a persuasive video.

Take your video from meh … to amazing!

Four benefits of storyboarding

Evaluate scenes and organize thoughts

Identify talent, props and wardrobe

Make video production notes

Evaluate scenes and organize thoughts

The Flynn Wright Animatic

When the need arises, a Flynn Wright animatic translates a storyboard to a video format. This execution can help determine details like music, sound effects and CG styles.

Spokeswoman: “In advertising, we know that, oftentimes, the right words can sell anything.”

Notes: In studio, direct to camera

Spokeswoman: “But, in TV, when you’re touting the safety features of a brand-new SUV, … ”

Notes: Inside car, camera angle is head on

Spokeswoman: “… or the speeds of in-home Wi-Fi with One Gig …”

Notes: Talent with an iPad on couch. Router with CG waves

Spokeswoman: “… nailing down the right shot, technique, transition, …”

Notes: Back in studio; wide shot; next to other talent

Spokeswoman: “… timing and camera angles …”

Notes: Show studio items

Spokeswoman: “… all before anyone yells, ‘Action’ — can save a spot from total devastation.”

Notes: Director yells “Action” into old-school megaphone

Spokeswoman: “We storyboard because it is the best sketchbook, and road map; …”

Notes: In forest holding a map

Spokeswoman: “… tour guide, fortune teller and forecaster.”

Notes: Now on city street holding an umbrella

Spokeswoman: “It allows the creative team and the client team to visualize, …”

Notes: Now standing in boardroom showing a slideshow

Spokeswoman: “… to understand the best route to take, to discover early if the idea works, …”

Notes: Behind a car on a highway, sign above “Best route next exit”

Spokeswoman: “… to see potential problems up ahead, and to be prepared …”

Notes: Zoom to next road sign that says, “Caution! …”

Spokeswoman: “… so that the journey is expectedly pleasant, and the outcome is ultimately successful.”

Notes: Back in studio, confetti cannons fire, CG SUCCESS

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