2024 Financial Advisor Study: Exploring the Changing Landscape of the Market

Flynn Wright, a marketing agency in Des Moines, Iowa, is conducting a survey among financial advisors across the U.S. to explore the dynamics of how advisors are meeting their clients’ needs, how these needs are evolving, and what advisors are focused on as they grow their careers. Our study seeks feedback from tenured and new-to-the-industry advisors as everyone’s perspective is important for uncovering trends in the industry.

What is the Study’s Focus?

  • Development and Growth: Exploring advisors’ pathways for getting into the business and where they’ve encountered challenges.
  • Connection and Community: Identifying resources that advisors use, including professional networks.
  • Client Dynamics and Trends: Understanding common client needs and how industry trends may be impacting these needs.
  • Succession Planning: Exploring how advisors are planning for the future.

Key Details

  • Our study is completely anonymous. All responses will remain confidential, and no one will be identified through any of their own information.
  • Our survey does not ask for any specific details about advisors’ clients.
  • By completing the survey, advisors will receive a $10 gift card from Tremendous, which has a library of hundreds of redeemable choices at retailers, restaurants and entertainment options throughout the U.S. Gift cards will be distributed to respondents who have completed the survey, after we’ve fielded the survey.

Key Team Members

Mike Irwin – Director of Consumer Insights

Mike has been providing counsel and research expertise to Flynn Wright account teams and clients for over 19 years. Mike is involved in nearly every Flynn Wright account, coordinating early research efforts, moderating focus groups, and integrating consumer data into our strategic process, both qualitative and quantitative.

Kate Peasley – Market Researcher

Driven by detailed strategy, Kate transforms complex insights into streamlined solutions. She focuses on both quantitative and qualitative fieldwork and analysis where she translates underlying insights and themes into one essential story. Kate also helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their competitive landscape and market trends.