We’re advertisers, designers, strategists, writers, specialists, motion editors, researchers, managers, accountants, and coordinators. From the sound of the whistle until the job is done, in the dead of winter and the dog days of summer, in groups and on the go — we work to keep you one step ahead.

Aaron Kennedy
Paul Schlueter
Sarah DeKock
Senior Vice President
Bridget Flynn Proctor
Senior Vice President
Kyle Prendergast
Executive Vice President
Jeff White
Senior Vice President
Cody Allison
Project Director
Avery Amensen
Senior Public Relations Consultant
Erika Anderson
Senior Account Executive
Caleb Bailey
Senior Digital Strategist
Maggie Baker
Project Director
Quinn Becker
Project Specialist
Barb Boheman
Managing Director of Media
Matt Cavanah
Associate Creative Director - Video Animation
Tony Chance
Digital Strategist
Courtney Culp
Project Specialist
Michael Davis
Art Director
Kylee De Boer
Project Coordinator
Koree Deering
Project Coordinator
Susan DeMarco
Vice President of Account Services
Tulio Diaz
IT Coordinator
Sarah Eckhart
Project Director
Hunter Edling
Graphic Designer
Susan Hobart Elerick
Media Partner Manager
Lindsay Fiegle
Project Specialist
Jeff Fisher
Creative Director
Emily Friedricks
Digital Project Manager
Raigen Furness
Graphic Designer
Liz Beh Garvey
Managing Director of Creative
Sherri Gast
Production Supervisor
Stephanie Ginther
Senior Video Editor/Motion Designer
Jake Grothoff
Associate Creative Director
Sam Harris
Senior Project Specialist
Jean Helling
Vice President of Finance
Hannah Hentges
Project Coordinator
Ellen Judge
Junior Copywriter
Katie Holzworth
Media Director
Stephanie Honn
Digital Analytics Supervisor
Heather Hysell
Media Buyer
Andy Ireland
Account Director
Mike Irwin
Director of Consumer Insights
Samantha Kemp
Art Director / DM
Tory Kittle
AP/Billing Specialist
Jeff Kosinski
Creative Director Video Animation
John Kragie
Systems Administrator
Jill Kruse
Senior Account Executive
Megan Kruse
Media Director
Katie Larson
Production Coordinator
Chris Lightfoot
Account Supervisor
Kiersten Maertens
Managing Director of Project Management
Stephanie McCoy
Ad Ops Supervisor
Benji McElroy
Senior Copywriter
Malane McLin
Office Coordinator
Lindsay Metcalf
Financial Management Director
Michelle Murtha
Accounting/Billing Specialist
Megan Myers
Senior Project Specialist
Mike Niland
Front-End Developer/Graphic Designer
Lauren O'Brien
Senior Account Executive
Kate Peasley
Market Researcher
Derek Pine
Managing Director of Design
Tony Rose
Vice President Digital Creative
Josh Schoenblatt
Media Internship Associate Director
Sara Schuler
Director of Human Resources
Emily Schuttlefield
Market Research Project Manager
Michelle Sheets
Accounting / Billing Specialist
Sarah Sheldon
Agency Video Producer
Rachel Stephenson
Media Buyer
Doug Stevens
Senior Video Editor/Motion Designer
Lori Strum
Media/Production Accountant
Mark Timm
Senior Production Designer
Ace Tipton
Insights Analyst
Victoria Tramp
Account Executive
Stephanie Trost
Media Supervisor: Technology and Innovation
Mara White
Director of Public Relations
Emily Wilcox
Digital Media Buyer
Ryan Willett
Art Director
Alexandra Zahn
PR/Content Manager