Mike Irwin

Director of Consumer Insights

I’m a Des Moines native who found his calling in market research and consumer insights. And since 2005, I’ve called Flynn Wright home. Whether I’m moderating a focus group, crunching consumer survey data or working with the team to add color about the consumer perspective, I’m driven by a keen interest in understanding why consumers think and behave the way they do.

When I’m not buried in spreadsheets, canvasing my office walls with Post-It notes of recent qualitative discussion themes, or catching a mid-day lunch at The Walnut, I’m likely hanging out with my incredible wife, Sarah, and our cute-but-vocal (ie. opinionated) Boston Terrier, Miche. Nearly all of my favorite sports teams are from Chicago and have animal mascots (Da Bulls, Da Bears, Da Cubs). I love the outdoors and split our vacations between Phoenix, Las Vegas, and (if Sarah can talk me into it) Miami. I grew up on hip-hop, cut my teeth playing bass on stages around Central Iowa, love painting and reading, and have promised myself that one day I will break 85 in a round of golf.

Did You Know

I’m the agency’s resident Dead Head. As a stats nerd, it probably won’t surprise you that one of my favorite books is “DeadBase 50,” an archival companion book that includes set lists for nearly every Grateful Dead performance throughout the band’s 30-year run, and statistics to track frequency of song performance, order of songs in a set and more. At 992 pages in length, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.