Megan Renkel

Senior Account Specialist

‘Do you ever just sit on the end of your bed and listen to the world spin? I hear that song everywhere.’ I’m a dreamer, believer, visionary, or romantic if you will. Poetry allows me to find a beautiful and complex way to share thoughts and feelings in a way that feels like a fairy tale. Tell me a story and I’ll think of 63 ways to write the next chapter. Iambic pentameter is my love language (literally.)

Don’t even get me started on soft pretzels. I love getting dressed up and think there are not nearly enough balls and galas in Des Moines. I consider myself to be extraordinarily unique and very funny (give it some time.) But I do fall into one stereotype and that would be an obsessed dog mom. Teddy is my life (Theodore James is his full name) and I think of him constantly. We should probably go get a coffee? (it’s only my third of the day…)

Did You Know

I cheered at The University of Iowa and will absolutely talk about it. (it’s the life of a washed-up cheerleader.)