Ellen Judge

Junior Copywriter

I grew up in Waukee with a bold and brilliant family who taught me to find what I’m passionate about and run with it. Ever since I was a little girl, my passion has been my imagination. Whether it was playing with my imaginary horse, Thunders, creating stories to match the pictures in a book before I could read, or making up dance routines to the pop hits of the early 2000s, when I had an idea, I couldn’t wait to bring it to life. This led me to discovering more things I love, like music, art, movies, and books. I ended up at Drake University studying English Writing and Secondary Education. I thought what better way to exercise my imagination than to teach others and help them explore their own. Well, I realized in my sophomore year that I wasn’t ready to return to high school quite yet and made the jump from Education to graduate with my English Writing and Magazine Journalism degrees. I continue to use my imagination all the time, whether it’s through my personal style, something I’m writing in my free time, or in the office for a client.

In my spare time you will catch me doing one of three things. Option one, cuddling at home with my cats, Calvin and George O’Malley, watching any teen drama that originally aired on the CW or whatever Real Housewives franchise I’m binging at the moment. Option two, I am with my best friends going to see live music, whether that’s a local band, a music festival, or one of us on the karaoke stage, I will be there dancing and singing along. If I’m not doing one or two, I am probably with my family. I have 3 older sisters who live all over the world so whenever we are all in the same room, it’s pure magic. I recently became an Auntie for the first time, and I absolutely love getting to see my nephew, even if it’s just during our weekly Facetimes.

Did You Know

Rob Lowe and S.E. Hinton once retweeted me (and I’ve never felt cooler).