Michael Davis

Art Director

Born and raised in the Midwest, I am an Ames native and Iowa State graduate. I believe strongly in the value, power, and potential of good design—and in the incredible responsibility designers have as advocates for their craft.

Looking back, a career in the creative industry was probably inevitable—all of the red flags were there. As a kid, I doodled relentlessly. I was intensely curious. I considered the thing on the front of the LEGO box to be nothing more than a suggestion. More importantly, I had the unconditional support of my family—who didn’t flinch when, years later, I pitched the idea of going to design school.

Being able to get up every day and do what I love—and have loved for a long time—is an incredible privilege. But when I’m in between projects I enjoy playing bass and piano, singing, crafting and drinking cocktails, rooting for the Buffalo Bills, and spending time with my amazing wife Allyce.

Did You Know

Brownies are better than cake. It’s not even close.