Adam Morrison

Sr. Editor/Motion Graphic Designer

As a military brat, we moved every year until high school where my family settled in a small town in South Georgia.  Looking for a little more excitement, I moved to Atlanta, GA where I studied Visual Effects at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  After 7 years I had the bright idea of moving alone to a bigger city I didn’t know much about (New York City).  I lived in a tiny, bug filled apartment in shady part of town until I found my first job.

Fast forward 15 years and 3 bug-free apartments I met Samantha, a beautiful and confident New Yorker. We soon got married, renovated 2 homes, moved to Brooklyn, and welcomed our daughter Frankie, all while navigating a pandemic that put most of life on hold.


  • “Hot Ones” challenge
  • Movies
  • Motion graphics, visual effects
  • All Atlanta Sports
  • Traveling
  • Home Improvement, or attempting to

Did You Know

The idea of working in film/tv was sparked by the movie Twister (1997)… and almost the idea of chasing storms.