Brandon Gedler

HR Specialist

I come from the Southside of Des Moines, where my Italian-German family roots always keep things loud, lively, and full of carbs.

After leaving for California following high school, I pursued my Hollywood aspirations in film and photography. However, after facing traffic on the 101 for a little over two years, I felt the pull of home and the Midwest-kindness guiding me back to Des Moines. Since returning, I’ve been fully immersed in the downtown scene for over a decade witnessing our city’s growth and transformation. It’s truly been an experience.

When I’m not reluctantly singing along in performances my mother has voluntold me for, or expressing myself through art, you can find me out and about – exploring the city, enjoying weekly game nights with friends, and sharing laughs with family. For me laughter is truly invaluable.

I am a die-hard Chicago Bears fan (apologies in advance), I bleed blue and orange. My heart belongs to my family, friends, and partner. They are my true support system, my ride or dies, and my rock in this crazy thing we call life. I cannot forget about my fur-children – Norman and Fiona, who bring as much joy into my life as any human child would.

A klutz by nature, I always manage to find ways to trip, fall, and stumble more than most people would but always with a bit of grace. Despite my knack for mishaps, I always manage to come out on top and stay humble. I truly value the combination of work and humor in my life. I believe in making the most of every moment.

Did You Know

I’ve had more cars than a tire store has wheels, having owned over a dozen vehicles throughout my lifetime far. Let’s just say, I enjoy adding some excitement to my journey.