Laura Sprague

Director of Public Relations

“Bakes amazing banana bread.” -Henry, my son, age 4.

“Pretty good at playing tag.” -TJ, my son, age 7.

“Gives darn good belly rubs.” -Cady, my dog, age 9.

The reviews are in from a biased audience and as it turns out, I’m pretty good at taking care of the people and animals in my life. That’s why a career in public relations — where you’re constantly looking out for your clients and their best interest — has always appealed to me. Eighteen years after I started my first job at a small non-profit in Des Moines, I love knowing my career is a true reflection of my values in life.

My boys, TJ and Henry, and I like to get out and explore Des Moines or other hidden gems in Iowa. I’ll always take the opportunity to head out to Colorado, Arizona or the Pacific Northwest for breath-taking hiking. The challenge is the best part of those mountain-top views! I also enjoy getting to the gym on a regular basis for some barbell therapy.

I grew up in Minnesota on a family hog, corn and soybean farm and moved to Iowa in 2002. I graduated from Simpson College with my bachelor’s degree, then attended Iowa State University, where I earned my master’s degree. You can find me cheering for (or bemoaning) the Cyclones, especially during football season. Go ‘Clones!

Did You Know

National parks (I’m looking at you, Rocky Mountain) take parking VERY seriously. So seriously, in fact, they involve federal rangers who will ask you a lot of questions if you should happen to park in the wrong spot and get towed out. Sharing for a friend, of course 😉