Carrie Abeling

Account Coordinator

According to the dozens of personality tests I’ve taken, I’m an INFP, type 1, strategic, deliberative person – and a Ravenclaw. Or Gryffindor. (That one changes every time I take the test.) What those personality tests don’t tell you is that I’m a lover of the little things in life, amateur to many hobbies, and a friend to as many people as I can meet.

In my spare time, I can be found doing a number of things – creating art, playing one of several instruments, taking photos, exercising or exploring outside, or spending time with friends and family. I was born in West Des Moines, and was brought up around all things creativity, and my passion for music and art led me to pursue advertising. (Well, really, the ‘college whisperer’ advised me to study advertising, but that’s a story you can ask me about later.) While studying at South Dakota State University, I realized that I love untangling problems to help others find their voice and tell their story. That’s what brought me to the advertising agency life.

I believe we should: do everything with passion and empathy, find joy in the smallest moments, and pet as many dogs as possible.

Did You Know

I love to keep a bit or inside joke going, and I’m a sucker for bad jokes.

I’ve only had one pet… and it was a krill. Ask me about it!

The only competitive sport that I stuck with was archery – I shot competitively for 5 years!