Mara White

Director of Public Relations

Moments I cherish …

  • A crisp fall evening … night game … Kinnick Stadium.
  • Above the fold and before the sportscast.
  • First Saturday in May, always back home in Louisville.
  • Before the curtain goes up as the orchestra is still tuning.
  • When our daughter and her teammates take the field.
  • Favorite places with our favorite people.
  • The last songs playing right before the headliner goes on.
  • When vacation is just getting started.
  • The morning of any event that I’ve planned.
  • When it’s perfectly written.

Nostalgic for …

  • TWIB.
  • Sweet Valley High.
  • Birthdays before Facebook.
  • Carnegie Deli.
  • Joe Photo.
  • Blue Volvo station wagon rides, 1991.
  • France.
  • MTV.
  • Tate-to-Holloway moments.
  • “In the great green room. There was a telephone. And a red balloon.”

Did You Know

My first jobs included arts and crafts counselor and restaurant hostess, and I was Dolly in my high school’s performance of Hello, Dolly!