Abbey Ehrhardt

Accounts Payable Specialist

I am an Iowa native – born in Council Bluffs, Iowa. In 2008, my family packed everything up and we moved to Pella, Iowa. There, I learned my love for tulips and that I was an outcast for not being of Dutch descent. When deciding where I wanted to attend college, Iowa State University was a no brainer for me. My dad played football at Iowa State and raised me to be a loyal Iowa State fan since the day I was born. After many long nights of partyi… studying, I received my bachelor’s degree during the pandemic and watched my graduation ceremony from my computer.

Currently, I reside in West Des Moines. It has quickly become a place that I am glad to call home and hope to continue to call home for many years to come! I enjoy snuggling up with a good book, going thrifting with my mom, trying out new restaurants around the metro with my dad and younger sister, visiting friends and family that live elsewhere and spending my money on toys for my cat that she will never use 🙂

Did You Know

I have never had braces – my dentist compliments my teeth every time I go in for a check-up. (Subtle brag)