Andy Ireland

Account Director

I grew up in a town of 200 people with one paved road running through it. If you needed somebody to build a bike ramp and safely land the jump on loose gravel, I was the man for the job. I was by far the most competitive kid in a five-county area so losing a baseball game, card game, spelling bee or race up the stairs didn’t sit well. And I know losing still doesn’t sit well because my wife Mary beats me at most things. And I hope my two daughters, Avery and Elliott, grow up to be just like their mom and be much better than me at everything except opening jars.

I believe having confidence is great, humility is necessary, and empathy is non-negotiable. Any success in this business can be attributed to all three. I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China and smelled the azaleas at the Masters. But an early Saturday morning with coffee in hand and “Wake Up Sunshine” from Chicago II on the turntable is where I’m most happy.

Did You Know

I rode a bull in a rodeo. His name was Snoopy. And I stayed on for 1.74 seconds. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have ridden a bull.