Emma DeBold

Associate Account Coordinator

Those who know me and are reading this right now are probably reading this in my tone of voice (AKA yelling). My idea of a good time is watching reality TV with a glass of wine in hand, while wearing a matching PJ set. Growing up, I was surrounded by Georgia peaches, North Carolina mountains, Kansas tornados, and Iowa corn – to be honest, I love them all equally. I would consider myself to be an extreme extrovert that doesn’t know the meaning of “inside voice” – anyone in the office would agree. I unironically call myself “the mom friend” and fit the role of the stereotypical older sister perfectly (my younger sister can back me up on this one). I love napping and Diet Coke more than the average person. I also live and breathe for my son, Fish (don’t worry, he’s a cat). I have been lucky enough to have interned here at Flynn Wright for the summer of 2021, 2022, and thereafter. After graduating from Iowa State in May 2023, I am now in search of a new personality that doesn’t entirely revolve around being an intern or a college student in a sorority… hopefully more to come there.

Did You Know

I once broke both of my middle fingers at the exact same time (Even though I did competitive cheerleading for 7 years, tumbling was not my forte)