Lukas Bauer

Junior Graphic Designer

Born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, I went to college in small-town Marquette, MI, fell in love with a cheese-obsessed girl from Wisconsin, and completed a master’s degree in Milan, Italy. My parents left Germany to seek new and exciting challenges and passed their adventurous ethos down to me. I have lived in 6 states and 3 countries and have moved over 20 times.

Initially set to become a car designer, a high school Photoshop class where our first project was making memes shifted my path towards visual design. I love the artful fusion of creativity and purpose, transforming ideas into visually compelling expressions. Raised bilingually, I often draw global inspirations for my work. When not pushing creative limits, I enjoy video games and exploring local spots and natural areas with my wife where our goal is to say hi to every dog we see!

Did You Know

I traveled with Team USA to swim in two World Cups (Hong Kong and Eindhoven, NL) although I only actually competed in 1.25. Myself and every other white person on the team got food poisoning our first day in HK. Mysteriously, the team only traveled to European countries after that.