Derek Pine

Managing Director of Design

My fourth grade art teacher recognized my gift in creativity. So much so she put me in TAG (talented and gifted) and encouraged my parents to constantly have me signed up for classes through the art center. I had a gift for drawing and building things with my bare hands. I moved away from those mediums in high school when I found an outlet in making music and playing the drums – it was still creative but in a different environment. I loved music so much that I went to college wanting to do something with it. Then in selecting classes to fulfill my liberal arts class schedule at Wartburg College I took an intro design class. That class refueled my love for art. I quickly changed my degree and went all in drawing, painting, sculpting and designing. It’s easy to see now why my job is so fulfilling. It was a lifetime of creative decisions and influences that led me to being a creative director here at the greatest ad agency – with the opportunity to share my ideas and knowledge for the craft with an exceptional team of other creatives.

Did You Know

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