Jeanna Dankle


Growing up on a farm outside of Iowa City made me a loyal Hawkeye fan, learn the value of hard work and be able to drive at a very early age.  I started working in the accounting industry at the age of 14, and I excelled at the ABC’s after filing for 8 hours straight.  I’ve always had an eye for small details and enjoyed planning, so I thought I’d give accounting a try, but event planning or architecture would have been good choices too.  I’m a bit of a picky eater, love to laugh and draw flowers on most white boards around me. I enjoy going on vacations but wish someone else would plan them, and I can curl up with a good book for hours.  I met my husband, Geoff, in college and we’ve been doing this “adulting” thing ever since.  We moved to Norwalk in 2019 and our son, Owen, keeps us on our toes!

Did You Know

I love designing homes and never played The Sims!