Lindsay Fiegle

Account Executive

I’m artistically inclined but as Type A as it gets — nothing beats a hard-earned check on a to-do list, the perfect choice of words or cracking open a crisp, new pack of Post-its at the start of a busy day. My left brain and right brain are constantly vying for dominance, and though my analytical side wins every time, my need to be in a creative environment is what led me to the advertising world.

I’m from West Chicago (a suburb that is actually 30 miles west of Chicago), and I moved to Iowa to become a Drake student with no intention of planting roots here. While the music major I enrolled with didn’t stick, Des Moines won me over in no time at all. I enjoy sipping matcha lattes, researching upcoming travel adventures and trying my hand at new art mediums.

Did You Know

I’m a huge selenophile (someone fond of the moon).