Josh Piersma

Jr. Video Editor/Motion Designer

At the age of 23, I made a significant choice to incorporate vegetables into my diet. The motivation behind this decision was primarily my girlfriend (now wife), who encouraged me to broaden my food choices beyond just meat. Nevertheless, I want the records to reflect it was ultimately my decision to embrace vegetables.

Apart from my “love” for vegetables, here are a few other facts about me: I grew up in Pella, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University. I tied the knot with my better half, Shayna, in March of 2020. Surprisingly, getting married during a pandemic made life much smoother. Our household is also occupied by two black cats, Henry and Linus, who keep us busy with their constant demand for photo shoots.

During my free time, I find joy in gardening and growing various plants both indoors and outdoors. I love showcasing my athleticism through sand volleyball. Over the past four years, I’ve also meticulously crafted a well-structured routine for cultivating and maintaining a healthy, impressive beard. On the tech front, I’m always looking out for the next big development while simultaneously trying to automate every part of our home into a smart house.

Did You Know

Did you know: I once had the fun experience of training my cat to pretend-model sunglasses for a client project, then I skillfully added the sunglasses in post-production. It was a fun and creative endeavor that left both my cat and the client impressed!