Expert Insights for Boosting Customer Retention

As many as 80 percent of leads don’t convert to sales. And that customer loss deep within your sales funnel undermines valuable marketing efforts. So, how do you minimize that loss? The answer is lead nurturing.

Our extensive knowledge of sales funnel strategy makes us uniquely qualified in enhancing lead nurturing and customer retention. By using customer response data, we can pinpoint what leads you’re losing, when you lost them, and why they walked away to help you retain and convert important leads in the future.

To implement effective lead nurturing strategies, direct response marketing has the tactics and ingenuity to boost performance.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

A form of one-to-one communication using Mail + Digital.

It’s an offer-based technique directly sent to a pre-selected customer intended to evoke a response.

Brand Direct

This is Flynn Wright’s approach to Direct Response Marketing. Working within a client’s brand while integrating proven direct marketing tactics to generate action/response.

Effective Direct Response Marketing

Effective campaigns include these 7 tactics:

  • Trackable
  • Targeted
  • Measurable
  • Offer
  • Benefits/WIIFM
  • Call-to-action
  • Time sensitive/Urgency

Why Use Direct Response Marketing?

Targeting customers on a 1:1 level increases response rates up to 50% or more.*

And we’re the experts to do it. We execute more than 5,000,000 direct response pieces per month.


Companies using enhanced lead nurturing tactics see:


more sales-ready leads


the email response rate


increase on sale opportunity

5 Ways Flynn Wright Can Enhance Lead Nurturing

Interactive Dashboards collect and store your insights on a customizable webpage that features customer most important to boosting lead retention.

Automated Processing saves time, money and resources while providing fully up-to-date discrepancy reports that are easy to understand and apply to your sales strategy.

Current Insights mean you won’t have to wait until the end of the month to receive important data that is fully analyzed and ready to implement.

Effective Strategies can easily be developed using the precise data stored in your dashboard to nurture and strengthen leads.

Event Trigger Campaigns are quick, cost-efficient, and results-driven direct response tactics to tie everything together with proper targeting, timing, messaging, and offers to convert your leads into sales.

Your Team of Experts

Sarah Eckhart
Jeff Fisher
Samantha Kemp
Sam Harris

Trust Our Team of Experts

Planning + Strategy

Budgeting and forming timelines

Testing + Execution

Formalized test plan, analysis

Copy + Design execution


Tasking, client/internal edits, list development and purchases


Reporting, implementation into future initiatives

Take it from the experts, your business can benefit from our enhanced lead nurturing capabilities. Contact Flynn Wright today to start your journey towards better customer retention.