Caitlyn McCoy

Account Coordinator

My name is Caitlyn, and I take great pleasure in challenging myself to learn and experience new things. I am what they like to call a “globetrotter.” I have a passion for traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures. My favorite place I have been thus far is Thailand where we stayed at a protected elephant reserve and explored various beaches and markets. Whether it’s India, or even Colorado, chances are I’ve been there or want to want to be there. Traveling is my therapy.

When I’m not traveling and the weather gets nice you can find me on a patio, at a Hawkeye game, golfing, or at the lake. I love being out in the sun with friends and family. I am a people person and relish meeting new people and hearing about their life and experiences.

I am a huge foodie and cocktail/wine enthusiast. Spicy, bold, unique, I’ll try it all! If you’re searching for some trendy restaurants, bars, or coffee shops, holler at your girl! I am filled with fun recommendations for wherever your travels may take you (Or not take you. Des Moines is filled with so many gems as well).

Did You Know

I have a severe tree nut allergy (this has proved to be quite the problem for my “I’ll try it all” foodie attitude)