Emily Wilcox

Digital Media Buyer

You could say my marketing expertise first began when I co-ran a One Direction fan Instagram account when I was a young teen. We have come a long way…

I graduated from Drake University (Go Dawgs) in May of 2021 but had just enough time to study abroad in 2019 to London before the pandemic and I will talk your ear off about it if you bring it up. My postcard of the Queen watches me daily from her spot on my desk whiteboard, next to a postcard of my favorite band, The Beatles.

My realtor parents got me into property investment, so if I am not sitting outside on a brewery patio on a summer day, I am doing lawn maintenance, refinishing hardwood floors, or rearranging my furniture for the tenth time. I’m a natural born Nebraska Husker’s fan, so you will find me in my red and white on the annual ISU vs. Iowa game day.

Growing up going to performing arts camps explains my love for being the center of attention. My love for Polly Pockets growing up explains my current obsession with Pinterest fashion pins. My childhood filled with SpongeBob and National Lampoon Vacation movies explains my sense of humor.

Did You Know

I’ve traveled between 4 countries in less than 14 hours. The Netherlands>Belgium>France>England.