Josh Schoenblatt

Media Internship Associate Director

Since I was old enough to talk, my parents thought I would become a lawyer. I loved to negotiate and debate, just because. As I grew up I would debate with friends, family, teachers, and anyone who would join in. Over the years, I’ve honed this skill and when the time came to enter the workforce, I knew media buying was my calling.

When I am not negotiating a media buy, I enjoy working on vehicles, training for and running half marathons, volunteering at the Puppy Jake Foundation, following politics, and baking desserts. I’ve taken a path that only Robert Frost could be proud of, and that has made all the difference.

Did You Know

I have a list of every vehicle I have driven since the age of 15, including any memorable experiences in those vehicles. This list includes a skid steer and a 125-foot three-mast sailboat.