Mark Meyer

Account Executive - Direct Marketing

Hello! Im Mark, a small town Iowa native, now residing in Ankeny. I’m a true Midwest guy, with a profound love for my family and a taste for adventure. In the heart of this Midwest state, I find my world centered around my wife, Courtney, and our sweet little girl, Emma.

We like to keep our lives busy, filled with laughter, and cherished moments with our daughter.

Beyond family, you’ll often find me on the open road, relishing the freedom of a motorcycle ride, casting a line into tranquil Iowa waters, trying to reel in a worthy catch to bring home, or spending time outdoors tending to our garden. These simple pleasures bring balance and fulfillment to my everyday, creating meaningful experiences that define who I am.

Life to me is more than chance, it’s an opportunity to choose what means most to you, and create experiences you’ll never forget nor regret. Whether it’s connecting through work or pleasure, I look forward to meeting and working with you to better your brand and make it come to life!

Did You Know

I was a professional touring entertainer for 6 years.