Sara Schuler

Director of Human Resources

In my mind, I’m 6 ft. tall, love to cook, bake, have a garden and my “to do” list is always complete at the end of the day. But in reality, I’m 5’1, a terrible cook, can’t bake or keep plants alive and my “to do” list is never.ever.complete. Growing up on a farm in Iowa my parents taught me the value of hard work. After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa (Go Panthers!) with my degree in Management: Human Resources, I always dreamed of living in a HUGE city and working in a skyscraper, but after living out of state, I realized my heart was calling me home to Iowa. My husband, Steve and I have one daughter, Grace, who always makes us smile.

My family and friends will tell you that I:

  • am awful with driving directions
  • have a deep “passion” for Post-it Notes… Napkins are the best runner up
  • favorite food is spaghetti
  • love all Hallmark Christmas movies. There’s no such thing as too many
  • was never an animal person, but now am absolutely head over heels for our dog, Louie. Named after the St. Louis Cardinals, our favorite team
  • can’t wait to travel more
  • love my faith, family and friends fiercely

Did You Know

My first job was walking beans for my grandpa ?