Technical Questionnaire

Questions 2: Describe your most successful integrated brand campaign.
Question 3: Describe your most successful brand activation or community engagement campaign?

MidAmerican Energy: Integrated Brand Campaign
NV Energy: Portfolio-level Brand
NorthWestern Energy: Community Engagement Campaign

Question 4: Describe your video and digital capabilities and tell us how you’ve achieved excellence in these areas.

Cultivation Corridor

Question 9: Please provide relevant samples of work (strategy, creative and deliverables/production).

NorthWestern Energy: Safety

Pipeline Safety

Farm Safety

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Electric Safety

Question 12: Please describe your knowledge and experience in developing energy efficiency or renewable energy campaigns and behavioral change.

Energy Efficiency: Black Hills Energy

Water Heater Rebate

LED Rebates

Home Energy Evaluation

Online Evaluation

Insulation Rebate

Appliance Recycling

Energy Efficiency: MidAmerican Energy


Appliance Recycling

Energy Efficiency: NV Energy

Powershift for Business

Smart Thermostat

Renewable: MidAmerican Energy – Brand Campaign
Renewable: MidAmerican Energy – Renewable Vision

Renewable Vision – Version 1

Renewable Vision – Version 2

Live Energy Data

Renewable: NorthWestern Energy – Clean Energy
Renewable: NorthWestern Energy – Clean Future
Renewable: NorthWestern Energy – Picture Perfect